Poem 4: "Goodbye"

How can I say this in words you'll understand?
How can I say this without hurting your feelings?
How can I say this so you won't end up feeling hurt,
And I'll feel like a jerk?

I like you,
We've been friends for a while,
But I don't think this can continue anymore.

I just don't feel it for this anymore.
And I hate to say it's not you it's me,
But in this case it is.

You're sweet and everything,
But you're always there.
Always. And I don't know how to turn it off.

You deserve a better friend than me.
You deserve so much more than me.
And you have. I see that you've made a few friends.
And I'm happy for you.

I'll still say hi and stuff,
But other than that,
I'm sorry.

I hope you're good.
I want you to be good.
I want you to be happy.

Just not with me.

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