Book Review: FRACTURED by Elizabeth Stacey


Elizabeth Stacey 
(The Broken Series #1) 
Publication date: October 4th 2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary

There are no superheroes to come save the day, no knight in shining armor. No, it’s just me living in this nightmare that will never end. No one will even notice I am gone. The only family I have is stuck here in this dark place with me and I refuse to let her future repeat my past. So it’s up to me now, I am the only one that can change her fate.

McKenna Brooks believed the past was behind her, until the day she woke up to find that she and her only friend have been kidnapped, and fighting to survive.
Dalton “The Detonator” Taylor is living the dream. His MMA title fight is just around the corner and life is good. That is until he finds out that his sister has gone missing and his life is turned upside down. Will Dalton be able to find her before it’s too late? And what will happen when he finds out his sister is not alone? Will he be able to make the sacrifices to save them both?
Can the deep connection of two people that never really knew each other save them both or will they be fractured beyond repair?

**This is not a love story, this is the tragedy that brought two people together.


There is no bigger word to explain how sad and heartbreaking this book was.

The novel stars McKenna Brooks and her best friend Amelia "Millie" Taylor, kidnapped, locked and heavily abused by Millie's explosive boyfriend Vince. McKenna has had a long history of dealing with abuse and neglect her whole life, so she knows how to act toward vicious beings such as Vince. But Vince isn't even half the issue when another mafia leader, Shaw, separates the girls and keeps McKenna for himself. The book's POV switches from McKenna's to Minnie's older MMA-fighting champion brother Dalton "The Detonator" Taylor. When he finds out that her little sister and her friend are missing and captured, he and his computer hacker friends Hunter and Becks do whatever it takes to bring the girls home, although they have a huge payment to the head of the mafia, Mr. Black. 

It took me awhile to finish the novel (this review was supposed to go up last Tuesday, Feb. 10) because of the very slow pacing. When the POV went to McKenna, I felt as though every second was spent on McKenna's thoughts and feelings on being used for her body. Her mind sometimes flashed back to her sister and mother, who died when she was young. McKenna made a promise to her sister to basically live a normal life away from sex, drugs, and the foster care system they were both in. It seemed like time slowed down and McKenna never backed down against Shaw and Vince's evil hands. 

Even though Millie was obviously the latter of the two girls, based on strength, she was still loyal to her best friend. She even laid out hidden messages throughout pages of their favorite book-turned-movie to try to find her. 

Dalton's perspective bothered me sometimes because even though he was so desperate to find and rescue his sister, the huge amounts of cursing and throwing punches at the wrong people got in the way of the mission. I knew he had anger issues but the book never really explained why he was so angry, beyond finding his sister. What was the main reason of his major anger issues? I hope to know in RESTORATION, the next book. 

All in all, this novel was very good and I can't wait for book #2!

Rating: 4/5 

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