Album Review: SENTIRE by Sam Yung

I usually don't do album reviews, but I can always make an exception for my favorite artists. 

So, I've been following Sam Yung's music since his amazing piano cover of Sia's "Titanium" on Youtube. The way he plays piano and strings is just so beautiful and touching in a way I don't think most music Youtubers do it. So when he announced he finally had an album released, I was so excited and relieved, pretty much because I'd felt that he should have had an original album years ago. But nonetheless, I'm so glad and proud of how far Sam has grown as a musician and composer. Sentire is a beautiful composition, and I'll be playing it over and over for awhile.

This album had a lot of Chinese musical influences, as well as influences from Paramore and Tonight Alive, especially in songs like "Fire: Part 2", "Terra", and "Faith".

I hope there are more original albums to come from Sam, because this is something that should be on the mainstream charts for a long time!

Listen to Sentire on Spotify HERE.

Rating: 4/5 stars ♥
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