Book Review + Giveaway: 'IGNITE THE SHADOWS' by Ingrid Seymour


Sixteen-year-old Marci Guerrero is one of the best teen hackers in Seattle. However, she’d give up all her talents to know she isn’t crazy.

Marci feels possessed by what she perceives as shadowy spectres that take control of her body and make her do crazy things. While spying on the clandestine group known as IgNiTe, she’s confronted by the leader, James McCray. His presence stirs the spectres inside her brain into a maddening frenzy. Her symptoms and ability to control them don’t go unnoticed by James, who soon recruits her and shows her the awful truth.

Half of the world’s population is infected by sentient parasites. They bind themselves to the human brain and replace the pathways for all thoughts and actions. The creatures then morph their hosts into grotesque monsters with extraordinary strengths. Winged, clawed, fanged half-humans become living nightmares. Now Marci wishes she was crazy, because the truth is worse.

She’s infected.

Wow this whole book was sad, happy, hopeful, then back to sad and back to hopeful again. And it ends on a cliffhanger, which I hate!! 

I liked Marci as a character, but it felt as if she would never got out of her depressive, moody funk up until the very end. And even then, when something unexpected happens at the end, her mood goes back to complete unknown. 

I liked Xave too. The way he expressed his true feelings for Marci made me sad because he has no idea that she is more advanced than he knows she is. But at least they got together in the end, which is what I thought would happen anyway. 

James got on my nerves a bit. At first, he seemed like this all-knowing leader, but what kind of leader tells their newest teammate next to nothing when she enters a new world? A world she's always been in, but just never knew it? What kind of leader tells her to hide the majority of their powers if they're meant to save the world from these Electric demons called Eklyptors? 

I don't know, maybe it's because I'm not into much sci-fi, I'm more into romance/drama, but the premise of this story sounded good, so I thought I'd give it a try. It would have gotten 4 stars if it wasn't so unbalanced and wary of its surroundings. 

If there's a sequel, I'll check it out, but maybe not right away. I'll let this sink in for awhile.

Rating: 3/5 


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