Book Review: 'TEA LEAF: WHAT HIDES BENEATH' by Mia Mitns



While out with friends, Jasiri, a fortune teller, reveals that Cinnia’s life will be turned upside down. Cinnia hopes it is due to a new job she is after at Sciecor, a company that she has long dreamed of working for. But she has no idea of the secrets that hide in their basement. 

A new neighbor moves in with a hidden agenda. Friendships change. 

Cinnia will realize that things may not be as they appear. Magic may not only belong to fairy tales. And we may not be alone. 

Will Sciecor still be the company of her dreams? Will she be able to live the life that destiny has seen? When she finds out what hides beneath.


Ok so it took me so long to finally read and finish this book, only because I felt like it didn't hold my attention all that much. I'd initially thought the book would be about a group of friends who fight the forces of evil together. And it was, essentially. But not in the way I expected. It wasn't a bad read; there were some parts that made me laugh-- especially the Iron Chef competition. That part was hilarious!!

But let me start from the beginning. 

The story starts with Cinnia and her friends living life together, being all happy and enjoying other's company in a suburban town. Cinnia is excited and nervous about an interview with Sciecor, a company she's been wanting to work with forever. She doesn't get the job, but doesn't have time to worry because she has a hot, new neighbor, Kasen. He's dark, mysterious, daring, all the girls in the group are falling for him, which caused a strain for Cinnia's friend Brann and Brielle. Kasen and Cinnia have a connection; he even helps her get the job with Sciecor (only because he knows the manager, his brother Zarion). Cinnia and Brann see some green flickering in Kasen's house, and it turns out that he and some of Sciecor are experimenting on aliens!! Called Adsai, they are an alien life force that look, talk and feel like real humans, intent on ending a war with the evil Xadsai and their leader Austin. The Adsai can change ages, read minds, and even change shape. The youngest Adsai were so cute and funny the way they showed Cinnia everything. 

All turns around when Kasen changes into Zarion and kisses Cinnia!! Why did he do that?! He should have just stayed in his own from and kissed her himself. Ugh. But the real Kasen had no idea , causing a weird love triangle type between them, which I've grown to not like anymore. Cinnia is conflicted with her feelings for both guys, which I found unfair for her because Kasen was too much of a coward to tell her how he felt. 

But later on right before the big war, Kasen finally tells her how he feels, that he wants to have children with her and live in a happy, blissful life. That was sweet!! 

The big war scene at the end was the most heightened part for me. All of Cinnia's friends, Zarion, Kasen fighting side by side together to defeat evil was a great thing to watch. 

Mia Mitns' writing style is very simple, with a few grammar mistakes included, but all in all this was a good read. The ending left it open for a sequel, so I hope something new happens in this world. 

Rating: 3/5 

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