Monthly Wrap-Up: October 2015

Hi, guys! This is my first monthly wrap-up for October 2015. This was actually an idea inspired by Nicole from so I thought I'd give it a try for my blog, too.

This was a slow month for reading. I've been stuck and slumped into this one book, and I haven't read much else. If anything, I hope that November will be better. I've signed up for a few blitz posts and reviews, and can't wait to get started on those in the upcoming month.

As for October, here's all I got.



This was actually posted in September, but Alex G actually saw it and loved it! 

October TV and Movies

I livetweet shows for the amazing TV entertainment blog, TV After Dark, so the shows I've been loving are Switched at Birth, Once Upon a Time, Empire, Finding Carter, and Scandal. Also, I livetweet and write recaps for ABC's Nashville for Fangirlish. So those are the shows I like.

Books I'm Looking Forward to in November


Expected Reviews/Posts in November

Review: 'Wendy Darling' by Colleen Oakes

Blitz: 'In My Head' by Alicia Rades

Blitz: 'The Secrets We Kept' by Lily Velez

Review: 'Wish: Indigo Dreams #1' by Grier Cooper


Blitz: 'Hope: Indigo Dreams #2' by Grier Cooper

Review: 'True Love Way' by Mary Elizabeth

Blitz: 'The X Factor: Confessions of a Naive Fashion Model' by Ivan Sivec

Review: 'The Butterfly Code' by Sue Wyshynski

Review: 'Of Sea and Stone' by Kate Avery Ellison

So that's it for October! It was kind of a dry month for reading, but again, I hope to get back into reviewing and more poetry this month. Thanks to Nicole for the idea. If you guys did a monthly post too, let me know in the comments. I'd love to see them! 

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