The Hunger Games trilogy has finally come to an end with Mockingjay: Part 2, the second half of the last book. I thought it was fantastic!! I thought the whole movie was a brilliant way to end the series. Jennifer Lawrence played an excellent, reluctant serious form of the warrior Katniss Everdeen. Liam Hemsworth did good as Gale even though his character was very selfish. 
Josh Hutcherson as Peeta always wanted to cry or near tears, which is understandable because he just came off of the tracker-jacker venom and attacking Katniss, nearly choking her to death. I wanted to either shake him awake or give him a big hug. 

Minor characters like Boggs, Cressida, the deaf guy, Finnick, Prim all did a very good job. 

Good parts:
The characters, setting, and the sewer scene shocked me!! 
Katniss killing Coin and not Snow was genius!! When Katniss and President Snow got together in the greenhouse full of white roses, and Snow said "Now, Miss Everdeen, I thought we agreed not to lie to each other.", that took me back to Catching Fire; that was a nice, little throwback to the second film. 

Finnick and Annie's wedding was beautiful, but so bittersweet considering what happens to him later on in the movie. Also, the camerawork with Prim and Katniss dancing in the wedding was shot beautifully. And it was the catalyst and reason why she signed on from the Games; to save her sister. And then she dies! So sad but so beautifully shot. 

Jena Malone was sarcastic and hilarious as Johanna all bald!! I loved how even though her dislike for Katniss showed, she was willing to help Katniss out in defeating Snow. Their comradery was very nice to see on-screen. 

It was nice to see Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket one more time. Her character arc from the first movie back in 2012, her superficial, fashion-frenzy self turn compassionate in the last movie was pleasant to see. The most interesting part was when Effie and Haymitch (Woody Harrelson) kissed on the cheek and then on the lips. Was that supposed to be some kind of sign that maybe they hooked up or got together? We'll never know. 

Bad Parts:

Gale and his cranky, guilt-tripping ass. He was always constantly guilt-tripping Katniss about choosing either him or Peeta. And the catalyst for the love triangle was when he and Peeta were talking when Katniss was pretending to sleep (which is almost reminiscent to the Twilight Saga: Eclipse tent scene with Bella, Edward and Jacob). Gale still kept going with trying to guilt-trip her into falling for him. I knew it was never going to happen, but it was still irritating. 

The epilogue wasn't really needed. I know it was a part of the book with Peeta and Katniss getting married and having babies, but to me I felt like that wasn't needed really. They could have left that part out with the "real or not real" part as the ending. 

Sad parts:

Real or not real moments between Katniss and Peeta were really cute, and straight from the novel, but they were really sad because everytime I had to witness them, Peeta looked like he wanted to cry. Again, it may have been Josh Hutcherson's acting or the character himself, but either way, it was sad.  
Finnick and Prim's deaths killed me. Since I had read the book last year, I knew both deaths were coming soon in the movie, but I didn't think they would hit me so hard. I actually had forgotten how Prim had died. I felt that Finnick could have been saved at the last minute, had those alien things not attacked him. 

Boggs' (Mahershala Ali) death was also really sad. And when Egeria (Sarita Choudhury) threatened to take the pod from Katniss, that made me so mad because Boggs gave security check to Katniss, not Egeria. So she was intimidated by Katniss' "Mockingjay" status. 

Gale and Katniss' scene after Prim's death was expectedly heartbreaking. He knew what he did. He knew that his idea could have gone wrong by having that idea involving the Capitol children in the city, but was too trigger-happy and couldn't save Prim in time. That's when Katniss had enough.

When Katniss yelled at the cat Buttercup because she knows that Prim was finally gone, that was heartbreaking. I noticed that she cried a little during the train ride home with Haymitch, but she really broke down when she saw Buttercup by the window back at the Victors' Village. 

I was never on board for the whole splitting-the-last-book-into-2-parts prospect and it showed in the movie. Some parts were dragged on a bit when they didn't have to. But all in all, with the good, bad, and sad, this truly was a very good ending to a very serious, revolutionary book and movie series, and I can't wait to see it again. 

Did you see Mockingjay: Part 2? What did you think? What were your favorite parts? Let me know in the comments. 

Rating: 4/5 stars

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