Music Review: Alex G's 'Share Your Story' EP (2015)


I've been following Alex G's music career since 2011, when I first saw her Youtube cover of Paramore's "Monster" with Eppic. I's thought it was great how someone could take one of my favorites from a band I love very dearly and make it her own. And so, I subscribed to her channel, and I've seen so many changes in Alex's music since then. I listened to her 2014 debut album and loved it, so it was only a matter of time before she released something new this year. 

When Alex  first announced the concept for the 'Share Your Story' EP in this video, I continuously watched it over and over, seeing a whole different, newer, more authentic side to the singer. I saw someone who became more knowing of who she was and wanted to help other people feel the same way, which is the purpose of the EP. Six of the seven tracks are dedicated to fans who have literally shared their stories with the singer, encouraging them to be themselves and stay strong in whatever predicament they may be in.

Even though I haven't personally met these people Alex is singing to, her voice and acoustics pull me into their world, so that it looks like I knew what they were feeling initially. Where songs like "Muriel", "Charlotte" and "Royston" comfort the person and tell them it's going to be all right, songs like "Alena" and "Ben" showcase more of a cheery aura. Both sides of these stories fit on the album, and Alex's writing expresses them beautifully.

I'll be listening to this EP for a long time, or at least until Alex releases a new project! ;) ♥

Favorite songs: "Intro", "Charlotte", "Muriel", "Alena", "Royston", "Everything"

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