Teaser Tuesday #4: RUNNING IN THE DARK by Inger Iversen


Hosted by MizB from adailyrhythm.com, Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme where you share two (2) “teaser” sentences from your current read to try to entice others to want to seek it out.

This week's teaser:


'Running in the Dark' by Inger Iversen

She’d seen Eli’s eyes as he hurt her, he’d enjoyed it. Those were his actions and no one else’s. “I told my father I couldn’t go to college for something I didn’t truly believe in. I wanted to study something else, anything other than that.” 

“And he said?” Trace asked. 

She placed her hand over her cheek remembering the sting and the taste of blood. “He didn’t say anything, he backhanded me.” 

Trace stared at her, anger lacing his narrowed gaze. “What kind of man would put his hands on you?” 

Bessina had never told anyone that her father had hit her. She was too ashamed. “And then he said my mother’s tainted blood had taken over, that I needed to be cleansed.” 

Trace took his hand off the steering wheel and placed it atop hers. She smiled at his kind gesture. “Tainted blood? No, don’t tell me anymore. I’m too pissed, and I don’t want you feeling like shit because of it.” 

She smiled at his attempt to shield her from her father’s antics. He was a good person deep down, whether he believed it or not.

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