Thursday Quotables #4: MERITROPOLIS by Joel Ohman


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This week in Meritropolis by Joel Ohman:

Charley’s pulse quickened as he caught flashes of the little girl being pushed through the crowd. He had read underground that studies 
showed high-level athletes exhibited a special kind of intelligence— termed athletic intelligence, the ability to process and react to complex and rapidly changing sensory cues in an almost superhuman fashion. 

These athletes could see events unfolding in their mind’s eye virtually before they happened and then act with blistering speed. For Charley, when placed under extreme stress, his rage and his mental acuity were a combustible mix. 

The crowd filling the courtyard massed on either side of the girl and her captors, a slow-motion whirling river of bodies, moving them along like so much flotsam, toward Commander Orson and the gates. Charley watched intently as each person in the crowd strained to get a glimpse of the little girl.

Charley had read books about hangings in the Old Days, where crowds had traveled from miles around to see, and even cheer at, the macabre deed performed, but this was different. There was no excitement, but there was also no undercurrent of disappointment, of sadness, or even of shame; it was business as usual. Someone had been sentenced to the gates and that someone just happened to be a scared little girl.

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