Thursday Quotables #5: MERITROPOLIS by Joel Ohman


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Hank made a disgusted sound and turned toward the twins. “Okay, Hector, Lila, you two are the animal-freak experts. What do we need to know about bions?” 

They turned to look at each other and then back at Hank, their faces serene. “Well,” Lila began, glancing back at Hector, who shrugged in return, prompting her to continue. The twins’ usually buoyant moods appeared suddenly subdued. 

Charley set down his fork. 

“What? What is it?” Hank asked.

“Out with it. You might as well just tell us what you’re obviously trying to avoid telling us,” Sandy demanded. 

“Okay, well, we have heard some talk about a bion before,” Lila said. “They have very strong lion characteristics, part-lion, of course. So, king of the jungle and all of that. But the bion is, obviously, also part-bull, so, it also has the extreme muscularity and aggressiveness of the bull. And it has the normal helping of rage that all of the animal combinations have, thanks to the chemical after-soup of the Event.” 

Hector continued. “So, basically you have an animal that is the king of the jungle and isn’t content to just roar; he wants to prove he’s the king of the jungle to anything that moves.” 

“It’s a common misconception about bulls that they are incited to anger and will charge when they see the color red. In reality, even in the Old Days, all bulls are red– green color blind— the only reason they would charge a matador’s cape is just because of the movement,” Lila said. 

Charley spoke up. “So, basically, we are hunting an enormously muscular lion that charges anything that moves.” 

“That’s about it,” Lila said.

Things are getting heated in this book now that Commander Orson has ordered Charley, Lila and Hank to fight a freaking bion!! A bull-lion freak!! Scary!!

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