I had the pleasure of interviewing Sheena Hutchinson, author of indie bestsellers, The Seraphina Series, Discovering April, and her newest Uncovering Officer Smith. Read my chat with her down below:

1. Tell us what your new book is about?
Which one? Haha. It seems like I’m always writing more than one. The next book to be re-released would be my paranormal series (book one) Seraphina’s Awakening. It’s about a young woman who always felt as though there was more to her life. After a freak accident she begins to find out that maybe she was right.

2. Your books consist of verbs like Discovering from ‘Discovering April’, Uncovering from ‘Officer Smith’. Was there initially a pattern using those terms, or did they come in later after the books were done?
Actually this was never supposed to be a series. Discovering April was named because April pretty much had to re-discover herself. When the idea hit me, Uncovering Officer Smith was just a short story on my laptop (the first bar scene.) The idea hit me to connect this story with the mysterious John Smith from Discovering April and it all fell into place. It took me a while to come up with the title because I wanted something that flowed with Discovering. Fun Fact: The last book in the series will be called Recovering Regan. So, I’m keeping the pattern going.

3. What’s your writing process like?
I don’t know if I have a process per say. I write when I’m inspired. It comes to me in visual scenes or dreams and I rush to get them all on paper while I can still describe them. There’s a draw back because I can’t force it. If I’m not inspired I will just sit there staring at a blank document.

4. Where does your inspiration come from? 
Like I said before, Dreams. I have crazy dreams in that weird state right before you wake up. I see things so vividly that’s what inspired Seraphina series and her mysterious dreams.

5. What made you decide to take the self-published/indie book route than traditional?
I’m very impatient. I don’t think I would ever be able to wait for a traditional publishing contract. And, I’m so bad at keeping secrets. I wouldn’t be able to wait years before my works were in the hands of readers. Then there’s the fact that I’m a slight control freak. I want to choose my own cover and I want total control.

6. What’s your most and least favorite thing about being an author? 
My most favorite thing is connecting with readers. There is nothing like the feeling of hearing that someone loved your book or connected with your book. Because it’s drawn from internal feelings of mine sometimes, it just makes my heart happy. My least favorite would have to be writers block and when you’re stuck halfway through a story trying to get from Point A to Point C when B hasn’t been figured out yet.

7. You’re always on social media, connecting with fans online. How important is it for you to connect in that way?
I think it should be very important to authors. How else will you get your name out there nowadays? Plus, I like to be accessible. If people feel personally connected with you, it can only help.

8. What do you do to fight writer’s block?
Cry, eat some double chocolate ice cream, and binge watch Netflix — No, I’m only partially kidding. I can’t write when I’m not inspired. So, sometimes I’ll read through the manuscript again to find my bearings or other times I have to walk away. Read a book, take a walk, and sometimes when I come back it flows or I’ll get inspiration for another story (hence why I have so many half started)

9. If you could go back 5 years, what would you tell your younger self?
Pay attention in English! It would have saved me so much money on editing.

10. What advice would you give to aspiring writers and authors?
Don’t stop reading and writing. To become better at something you must practice. To become an expert study the works of your favorite books, study their pacing, study their words, and sentence structure. Always write. Even if it’s the dumbest thing, even if no one will ever read it. My first book came from a journal I kept. Some of my best lines are from my very own diary.

Thank you so much to Sheena for offering to do an interview with me! My first official interview! :)

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