Hosted by Bookshelf FantasiesShelf Control is all about the books we want to read — and already own! Consider this a variation of a Wishing & Waiting post… but looking at books already available, and in most cases, sitting right there on our shelves and e-readers.

 This week, the second SC post is on Finding Purgatory by Kristina M. Sanchez. 


In one short moment, Ani Novak’s life is turned upside down. Her beautiful family is destroyed and she is left completely alone. With an unnamed desire, she seeks out the little sister she had walked away from when she was nineteen.

Tori Kane is barely eighteen, jaded, and reluctantly in need of her sister’s help. While Ani is in the position to financially support her sister, the one thing Tori really needs money can’t buy and Ani no longer knows how to give—trust.

Neither of them expected paradise, but they want more than the hell their lives have become. There has to be a middle ground between heaven and hell where they can just be. 

How I got it:
I bought it!

When I got it:
I don't remember when I got it, actually.

Why I want to read it:
Kristina is actually a really amazing fanfic writer (you might know her as LyricalKris), so I bought her original book to support her. But I haven't gotten around to reading any of her original books yet. I know, I'm an awful fan, but I think I'm more hesitant because she's such a good fanfic writer, that it won't translate well in originals. I've seen that happen before; that when fanfic writers write mostly good content on FFN but when it comes to ofics, it doesn't end up well for them. But most of the reviews on Kris' books have been positive, so that makes me feel better lol. She's so talented and realistic, I know I shouldn't have any reason why she shouldn't be able to translate well with originals. But we'll see. Or it may be just me and I'm just making myself crazy!

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