#T5W Top 5 Wednesdays (August 10): Authors I'm Waiting on Another Book From

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Hey guys! This is a new feature I joined from Goodreads' Top 5 Wednesdays, a weekly book group about our top five favorite things in the middle of the week.

 Created by Lainey from GingerReadsLainey and now hosted by Samantha from ThoughtsonTomes, this week's entry describes the top 5 authors I'm waiting to hear from again.

These are your favorite authors who you want to write another book but haven't yet. Or they are writing something, but no title or synopsis has been released and it isn't coming out until 2018. Try to keep this to authors who haven't announced anything concrete about a new book, not authors that have a highly anticipated release coming out before the end of 2016. 


5. Elizabeth Stacey

I've talked about this book and author before in another T5W but I'll just comment on it again. I really think that Elizabeth and Stacey (which happen to be two authors, not just one) dropped off the face of the earth!! The duo haven't been on social media in 2 years, since Fractured came out. They promised that the next book would be out in 2015, but it's now in the middle of 2016. What's going on?! I want to know what happens in the next book, or even a novella. Something to say where they has been. 


4. Gracie Madison

Gracie Madison is another disappeared author!! But she's sort of active on social media, so I'm not necessarily worried about her and more work from her. But I am curious as to how the next book will happen, if it ever comes out. 


3. Suzanne Collins

I don't really expect Suzanne to come out with anything new right away, especially with the final Mockingjay movie wrapped just last year. But I'd love to hear about a little novella or something; the last THG book only came out 6 years ago. It's not too late to try something new, Suzanne!!


2. JM Darhower

I'm not sure if JM is coming out with anything new, but she has been in and out of social media, so I'm sure she's busy with something! Maybe a new Sempre book, perhaps? Or maybe Extinguish!! However, her last book came out in February, so I hope it won't be long before she comes out with a new one. 


1. Alexandra Richland

I follow Alexandra on Facebook, so I know she's still very much around. As for new books, I haven't heard anything though. Her last book, Stardust of the Starlight Trilogy, came out last year. I've only read Slip Away, but I know she has plenty of other books I can check out. She's a hard-working nurse by day, so I know better than to rush her for anything new for now. 

What authors are you waiting on another book from? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading! :) ♥