#DIVERSEATHON: Why It's Needed in the Book Community

We always talk about needing more diversity in culture, especially in pop culture. We know that this world is full of beautiful extraordinary, exquisite, amazing people, but we hardly hear their stories. We are aware of the different backgrounds we come from, and a lot of international people come from, but I mostly see majority "white" faces on the covers in Barnes & Noble. 

Not that there's nothing wrong with those "white" faces, but when you live in a world where you want to be represented by your own space, and you don't see it often enough, you tend to be a little wary. Wary of the world, wary of your own community, of who you hang out with, and more importantly, with what you read. 

Recently, my new favorite Booktubers, Christina Marie from Lulo Fangirl made a discussion video of why the Booktube community is so quiet in terms of social and race issues. Some of the community has spoken up in private, like on Twitter, but for the most part, the "big" Booktubers have been really silent. And in the video, Christina's thoughts made me look at who I followed and why I followed them. 

Then Christina, MonicaKWatson, Joce from SqiubblesReads, and Whitney from WhittyNovels came up with #DiverseAThon, a week-long celebration and discussion of diverse stories, voices and issues. And I am all here for it!! I love the idea of so many different colors of faces coming together and spreading love rather than hate on one, huge issue in our world.

The group book is Homegoing by Ya'a Gyasi, and I already have my copy, set to start reading and conversing. 

It's too bad this is only a week-long event, but this is just one step in the right direction towards inculsion in the Book Community.

Join our conversation with the hashtag #DiverseAThon all week on social media. 

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