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Girl on the Brink by Christina Hoag
Genre: YA Romance/Thriller 
Release date: August 30th 2016 
Fire and Ice YA/Melange Books 

Summary: Sometimes the one you love isn’t the one you’re meant to be with.The summer before senior year, Chloe starts an internship as a reporter at a local newspaper. While on assignment, she meets Kieran, a quirky aspiring actor. Chloe becomes smitten with Kieran’s charisma and his ability to soothe her soul, torn over her parents’ impending divorce. But as their bond deepens, Kieran becomes smothering and flies into terrifying rages. He confides in Chloe that he suffered a traumatic childhood, and Chloe is moved to help him. If only he could be healed, she thinks, their relationship would be perfect. But her efforts backfire, and Kieran turns violent. Chloe breaks up with him, but Kieran pursues her relentlessly to make up. Chloe must make the heartrending choice between saving herself or saving Kieran, until Kieran’s mission of remorse turns into a quest for revenge.

Advance Praise:

“An engrossing tale of a dangerous teen romance.”--Kirkus Reviews

“Girl on the Brinkis a must have for every high school and public library.”–Isabelle Kane, Wisconsin high school librarian


Abusive relationships are widespread, cutting across socioeconomic, racial and ethnic, religious and gender preference lines. One in three high school girls experience dating violence, while more than half of college-aged women reported experiencing controlling behavior in a relationship. Eighty-nine percent of female college students said they were unable to recognize the signs ofan abusive relationship, and a third of teens involved in intimate partner violence ever told anyone about it.

 For more information, see http://www.breakthecycle.org/dating-violence-research.

About the Author

Christina Hoag is the author of Girl on the Brink, a romantic thriller for young adults (Fire and Ice YA/Melange Books, August 2016) and Skin of Tattoos, a literary thriller set in L.A.’s gang underworld (Martin Brown Publishing, September 2016). She is a former reporter for the Associated Press and Miami Herald and worked as a correspondent in Latin America writing for major media outlets including Time, Business Week, Financial Times, the Houston Chronicle and The New York Times. She is the co-author of Peace in the Hood: Working with Gang Members to End the Violence, a groundbreaking book on gang intervention (Turner Publishing, 2014). She resides in Los Angeles.

 For more information, see www.christinahoag.com.

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Guest Post from Christina Hoag:

Girl on the Brink Dream cast

If I were a casting director of “Girl on the Brink,” this would be my dream cast:

Image result for shailene woodley

Chloe: Shailene Woodley would be great as Chloe because she has an air of strength and seriousness about her, totally a young journalist. She’s realistically pretty, that is she doesn’t look like a model, so she doesn’t look like she’d be the most popular with boys, but she’s attractive.

Image result for nicholas hoult

Kieran: I think Nicholas Hoult (Mad Max: Fury Road, About A Boy) could totally carry off Kieran. He’s got an edgy intensity about his look that really could flesh out Kieran’s complex character, which combines sex appeal and easy confidence with a damaged soul and danger.

Image result for katherine keener

Mom: Catherine Keener plays great mom and wife characters, and also has that same strong, serious air as Shailene Woodley. After Mom snaps out of her depression, she becomes that strong woman again. Plus, she has basically the same coloring as Shailene so they could pass for mom and daughter.

Image result for mark ruffalo

Dad – I see Mark Ruffalo as Chloe’s father. He’s handsome enough to be narcissistic, got an artist’s tousled hair, but can also be vulnerable enough to admit his mistakes and apologize to Chloe.

Image result for margo martindale

Marion – Margo Martindale would be fantastic as the newspaper editor. A large-figured, no-nonsense, slightly old-fashioned type of woman who can soften up when she needs to.

Image result for elle fanning

Clarissa – Elle Fanning is blonde,  pretty and enviable, just like Clarissa. Chloe slightly envies her best friend.

Image result for zendaya

Jade – Zendaya Coleman, from the Disney Chanel, cute and sweet.

Image result for isabelle fuhrman

Morgan – After seeing Isabelle Fuhrman in Masters of Sex (she also played Clove in Hunger Games), I think she’d make a good frenemy.

Image result for asa butterfield

Tyler – Asa Butterfield (Hugo, Ender’ s Game, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children) would make a solid younger brother. He’s got kind of a goofy look of a kid who hasn’t quite grown into himself.
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