POEM 13: "No Words" #Election2016

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I have no words.
My voice is numb.
My body is spent.
My head hurts.
And all I can think about doing
Is crying.
I've cried all night,
I've cried all morning.
Not the entire morning,
But I've gone teary a little bit.

He has won.
HE. Has. Won.
HE WON!!!!!
I went from nervous, scared, terrified, hopeful,
Back to scared, confused, amazed, ashamed,
Devastated. I was devastated last night.
I could not stop crying,
While I put my heart and soul into that one vote,
For the one person who I thought was the best,
The brightest,
The most qualified,
The smartest,
The most positive,
The most creative,
The most expressive....
And she lost.
SHE lost.
I still can't wrap my mind around it all.
Even when I'm done crying,
And my body is spent,
I still don't know what to say,
Or how to think.
How do you feel?
How does anyone feel after this?
All we can do is hope.
And pray.
And whatever else.

Don't stop fighting.
Don't ever stop fighting.
Don't ever let this day take your hope away from you.

What are your thoughts on the recent election results? Leave comments below. Be kind. No hatred. No nastiness. Learn to love each other more. 

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