#DIVERSEATHON 2017: Reading Diversely in the Blogging Community @_diversebooks

In case you haven't heard, Diverse-A-Thon 2017 has begun!! It is a time for all of us to branch out of our comfort zones and read from different perspectives, whether that's in gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or culture. I discussed the event when it occured for the first time last year, so here's a recap. Christina Marie from Lulo Fangirl, Joce from SquibblesReads, and Monica from SheMightBeMonica, and Simon from SavidgeReads are all hosting this year, and I'm so excited to join them in the conversations again. 

This year, they decided to incorproate bloggers and Instagram users to use their creativity to spread the event, and since I use both, I thought it would be best to discuss the blogging part here. 

Naz from Read Diverse Books has created an amazing contest for bloggers to join in:

I want to start 2017 by announcing the natural extension of Read Diverse Books Year-Round review link-ups and giveaways I started in 2016. I will simply title it Read Diverse 2017 and will use the hashtag #ReadDiverse2017 when I promote it.

Important notes on how #ReadDiverse2017 will work:
Every review that you link up will earn you 1 point, which I will track and tally. Once you link up 5 reviews, you I will have earned the first badge! I will then send you an email (visible to me after you link up a review) every time you earn a new badge so that you may add the graphic to your blog sidebar. Every 3 months I will provide a general update on my blog showing all the bloggers participating, the points they’ve earned, and their current badge status.
The goal is to encourage bloggers to read and review more diverse books throughout 2017. Or just to promote diversity in literature in general! The more books you review, the more badges you will earn. There are 4 badges that everyone can earn, but one badge in particular will hold the highest honor. 

Below are the graphics for the badges. Note the different point levels. 

You will earn badges after earning 5, 10, 20, and 30 points respectively. 

Some people will be able to reach the 30 point mark without any problem, well before the year ends. However, I want to be fair to all bloggers and I think 30 points is a reasonable goal to strive for. Competitive bloggers and passionate lovers of diverse literature can attempt to earn the title Diverse Book Blogger Of The Year! This will be the person who links up the highest number of reviews / blog posts. That number may end up being 31 or 50. Surprise me!

What does the Diverse Book Blogger Of The Year win?

A gorgeous badge and some neat prizes! 

Prizes, to be awarded at the end of 2017.

  • $50 USD worth of credit for Book Deposity, Wordery, or Amazon. 
  • or
  • A book subscription box of your choice. International bloggers are welcome!!
  • Ex: Owl Crate, My Lit Box, Uppercase, etc. 
  • Update! There will be a runner-up Diverse Book Blogger Of The Year. This will be the person with the second most blog posts and reviews linked up.

Aentee from Read At Midnight has generously offered to award the runner up a blog makeover (header, blog button, signature, and rating system)!
If you do not have a blog, you may choose to have a mug specially designed for you instead!
However, the Diverse Book Blogger Of The Year gets first choice. If they want the blog makeover instead, they can choose it and the other prize will go to the runner up.

There is no limit to how many posts you may link up. The only limitation is time — the link-up will close on March 31st at 11:55 p.m Central Standard Time. Another will then be created that lasts yet another 3 months.

  • Traditional online blogs, Tumblr, and Goodreads (for the blog-less) will all count for the giveaway.
  • All reviews must be at least 300-350 words long, longer and thoughtful reviews are preferred. Quotes and unnecessary padding will not be counted. 
  • I will judge each blog post linked on a case by case basis. I will offer some word count leeway for posts such as listicles, blog tours, cover reveals, etc.
  • You may only add one link of a book you’ve reviewed per individual book. Meaning, you may not add your blog review and your Goodreads review for the same book. Only one counts. I will check for this. Do not cheat or I will be sad! I will also notice and delete links that look fishy. Don’t try me. 🙂
  • Only blog posts published in 2017 will count!! It’s Read Diverse 2017, after all.

My DiverseAThon TBR List this year is:


  • Room by Emma Donoghue - I'm mostly reading it for my Meetup book club group later this month, but I know it doesn't count as a diverse read. Most of the characters are of white/American points of view, but I didn't want to pass an opportunity to read it. 

  • Something in Between by Melissa de la Cruz - I've been wanting to check this book out for awhile now, so I hope that it's as good as everyone says. Plus, it's part of #ownvoices because the main character, Jasmine de los Santos, and the author herself are both of Filipina descent. It will be interesting to hear from an international woman's perspective on immigration and family. 
I hope to get to my TBR this week, and add more in my list this year. Let me know your choices for DiverseAThon this year in the comments below!

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Thanks for reading! :) ♥