#T5W TOP 5 WEDNESDAY: Fandoms I'm No Longer In

Hey guys! This is a new feature I joined from Goodreads' Top 5 Wednesdays, a weekly book group about our top five favorite things in the middle of the week.

Created by Lainey from GingerReadsLainey and now hosted by Samantha from ThoughtsonTomes, this week's entry describes the top 5 fandoms I'm no longer in.

I changed this to fandoms I was never in or grew out of, that a lot of people seem to indulge in. Sorry if this is your fandom, it's just my opinion! ♥

5. Star Wars - I was never into Star Wars as much (at all, really), as much as everyone else seemed to be. I knew about Carrie Fisher's death last year, and that made me feel sad, not because I knew who she was, but because of the way she had died. And she had died right before her mother, Debbie Reynolds, did, which broke me. I grew up more with Debbie than Carrie, and that had made me feel like I wasn't a good enough fan, because I wasn't a Star Wars fan. But the fandom as a whole, it just never was drawn to me the way Harry Potter and Twilight are.

4. The Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters - When I'd first read the TMI books back in high school, I was so excited for this kind of world. I liked Clary and her artistry and the way she fused this new world of Shadowhunters with her love of art. Jace was sarcastic, fun, badass, a hero. Simon was hysterical, loyal best friend. Magnus was fabulous and hilarious! Alec and Izabelle were two badass twin siblings. But then the prequel series Infernal Devices came, and then the sequel series The Dark Artifices came out, and it just became overwhelming to read and catch up with. To this day, I've only ever read the first five books of the Shadowhunters series: City of Bones, Ashes, Glass, Fallen Angels, and Lost Souls. I even have a copy of City of Heavenly Fire, but I haven't read it! Plus then there was the 2012 (or 2013?) movie with Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower, that was cute but not enough to bring me back into the fandom. I also really like the television show, Shadowhunters, but even that isn't enough to completely bring me back into the fandom. I enjoy the show for what it is, since I don't remember every single detail about the books, anyway.

3. Once Upon a Time - I wasn't really super apart of the fandom when it had first started, but I was still completely enchanted by the initial idea of my childhood fairy tales coming to life on screen. I was so excited to see a family subplot being incorporated into those modern fairy tales. And then Dark Emma Swan happened... and that's when I stopped watching the show. Not only did they turn her dark, added a Frozen theme, made Regina from this badass Evil Queen to a desperate stuck-in-love, jealous harpy. And then there was Captain Swan (Emma and Captain Hook) got together, broke up, got back together, then got married. But now Jennifer Morrison (who plays Emma) is leaving the show, and now I'm just tired. I just couldn't (can't!) deal with the mess anymore.

2. Scandal - Again, another great, powerful show centered around an epic, black female powerhouse of a woman, Olivia Pope!! But then she and President Fitz got together, were sneaking around while he was married to Mellie, and then he and Mellie got "divorced", Olivia moved into the White House, and even she got tired of being his mistress and moved out!! After she moved out, I was like "I can't! I can't with this mess anymore!! I'm done!" lol. I've heard this past season is a lot better than when I'd stopped watching (around S5), but I feel like now is too late to jump back in, only to get disappointed again.

1. Divergent - Now, I'm not completely out of this fandom because I'm a huge Shailene Woodley fan, and I still have hopes for a final feature length Divergent movie. But for the books, I'm totally over them. Especially after Allegiant's trash mess, but especially after that We Can be Mended trashass mess!!!! of an epilogue!! SPOILER: Four has sex with Christina!!!!! WHY. WHY!!! And then there was the whole Carve the Mark diversity issue, and I was just done. I don't hate Divergent, but I'm just exhausted from it.

Which fandoms are you no longer involved in? Leave comments below!

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