#RAINBOWREADATHON Day 5 Update: Why I Don't Read Many Fantasy Books

As you've probably assumed, Rainbow Read-A-Ton is a week-long color based marathon of reading, created by 4TeenLiars, Chloe from @baudelairebooks,, with co-hosts Alexandra from thehufflepuffnerdete, 

Each day this week will bring a new blog challenge, as well as an Instagram challenge.

Day 5 challenge:

Day 5's topic is fantasy! Even if you don't read the genre much yourself, there's plenty to talk about, like why you do or don't read it much, what books you have read and any you'd recommend to others.    

I read some fantasy, but I'm not a huge fantasy buff. I haven't even read that much fantasy this year, maybe only 3 books that were totally fantasy. I've read bits and pieces of fantasy, like in Harry Potter, Twilight, Mortal Instruments, things that are centered around a world I know of already. These types of books are labelled as urban fantasy, which is something interesting. But other than those beloved known books, I haven't really read much fantasy this year. But the year isn't over yet, and my TBR is still big as ever, so I hope to get into more fantasy this year. 

Current Read: Homegoing by Ya'a Gyasi (503 pages) - 64% done

How is your fantasy reading coming for Rainbow Read-A-Thon? Comment below!

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