Today's the last day of the Rainbow Readathon 2017! 

As you've probably assumed, Rainbow Read-A-Ton is a week-long color based marathon of reading, created by 4TeenLiars, Chloe from @baudelairebooks,, with co-hosts Alexandra from thehufflepuffnerdete, 

Each day this week will bring a new blog challenge, as well as an Instagram challenge.

Since the challenges end on the last day of August, we thought it would be fitting for the last challenge to be a September TBR, so share your upcoming reads and your thoughts on them with us!

I don't always stick by my lists; I usually just pack them all and pick whatever feels right in the moment. So far, the only books I know I will be getting into are Enigma by Tonya Kuper, Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman, and finishing the final chapters of Homegoing by Ya'a Gyasi.

But nonetheless, this first experience with a new readathon has been an interesting one. I've been most active on Twitter, participating with the reading sprints. At least I could get some good reading in, from past readathons that I didn't finish. If anything, I'm grateful for that.

Current Read: Homegoing by Ya'a Gyasi (503 pages) - 76% done

Here's my tentative TBR list for September:

What has been your experience with Rainbow Read-A-Thon 2017? Comment below!

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Thanks for reading! :) ♥