#WONDERWEEK ReadAThon: YET ANOTHER New Reading Challenge This Week!!

Yes, I will be tentatively participating in yet another new reading challenge called Wonder Week! 

Created by Rimpy from RimpyReads, she created this reading challenge to kind of play against the BooktubeAThon 2017 readathon because she had felt that book bloggers were not welcomed enough. Which, as a book blogger myself, I totally understand because while I'd had fun participating in BooktubeAThon, I also felt that in the back of my mind, it wasn't completely for me, it was initially made for Booktubers. 

So Rimpy and so many other book bloggers got together to create and promote Wonder Week, along with a bingo sheet.

I don't have a set TBR list for this, because I just hope that whatever I pick up will fit the square I aspire to read about. And it doesn't look to be anything that is too much to think about, which is good.

Are you participating in this year's Wonder Week? Comment below!

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