Day 7 of Bout of Books 21: Update and Final Thoughts

Welcome to Day 7 of Bout of Books 21, where I'll be sharing updates from the final day in the readathon. Yes, the readathon ended two days ago, but let's just pretend it didn't! 

Pages Read: 123
Books finished: 0
Challenges completed: 2 (2018 Reading Goals, Newspaper Headline)

As much as I enjoyed this readathon, I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't participate or read as much as I did in the last session. I did get some reading in, which was good. And I got to participate in both Twitter chats, whereas last session, I only did one. But next time, I hope to do more in terms of marketing. The next session, Bout of Books 22, is on May 14-20.

How did you do your last day of Bout of Books 21? Did you make your goals? Comment below!

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