Welcome to my "new" blog!!

This isn't really a new post, prompt, review or anything, it's just to say hi to my new subscribers, also to introduce you guys to my new template from BloggerTemplate via Etsy!

I really like the shades of pink, purple, white, and black, how they weave together to make something beautiful. I love how organized the home page is, with the slider on top that showcases my book reviews and wrap-up posts. If you're reading this on your mobile, the sidebar section is on the three lines surrounded in a circle, on the right side. Tap that and you'll find the sidebar section. I took out some of the cluttered information and compacted some of my badges from Netgalley and NanoWriMo. 

The featured photos are way bigger (740 px wider than before), which is better because before they showcase throughout the whole blog now. 

At first, I was worried about how the blog would look because I've been rocking with the old look since 2015, but I decided to take a chance with a new layout. I'm so happy with it!! 

Bard Jeda from BloggerTemplate was so nice and helpful in setting this up for me, so if you need a new layout or design for your blog, go there! (No, this post is not sponsored by them.)

Aside from me showing off my new layout, there will be more posts coming soon, more Book Blogger Hops, Top 5 Wednesdays, Reviews, Wrap-Ups, Original content! All coming very soon! 

How do you like the new blog layout? What kind of content would you like for this year? Leave comments below!

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Thanks for reading! :) ♥

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