Formerly hosted by Jamie, Jana and Lauren of, Top Ten Tuesdays is a weekly book meme that presents top ten lists on Tuesdays that promotes favorite bookish themes. Since had officially shut down in January 2018, Jana from ThatArtsyReaderGirl has offered to continue the series on her blog. 

How it works:

I assign each Tuesday a topic and then post my top ten list that fits that topic. You’re more than welcome to join me and create your own top ten (or 2, 5, 20, etc.) list as well. Feel free to put a unique spin on the topic to make it work for you! Please link back to That Artsy Reader Girl in your own post so that others know where to find more information.
This week's topic:  January 30: Books I Can’t Believe I Read

4. Santa Muerte by Lucina Stone - I still can't believe I'd spent most of my time reading what I'd thought would be an interesting concept in diversity, but turned into a gigantic mess of a story. Not to mention, it showed issues of biphobia, sexism and transphobia! 

3. This is Me by C.E. Wilson - This is another book that I'd thought would be a good read, but it was just a complex, overdramatic, confusing disarray. 

2. Jurassic Park by Micheal Crichton - This series (movie and book) are super popular, but I couldn't get past the first few chapters. I'm glad I gave the book a try, but I still can't believe I even picked this up, knowing that I don't care for dinosaurs and sci-fi. 

1. Passenger by Alexandra Bracken - I had tried this book a few years ago, but I couldn't get into it. I still can't believe I gave it a shot! 

What are some books you can't believe you read? Comment below! 

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