DISCUSSION: Favorite Writing Resources and Websites

Here's another addition of my new Discussion segment on the blog, thanks to Vivatramp for the 100 Book Blog Post Ideas! This time, I'm here to discuss my favorite bookish websites and resources. 

As a writer myself, I use writing and journaling resources not only to help me become better at my craft, but also to keep myself up to date with publishing, marketing ideas, social media platforms, and more in the community. I hope these resources help you as they do me. 

750 Words -  I mostly use this website to journal and keep track of my entries. I've been using it for almost 2 years, and it has a lot of good features, such as badges when you reach a certain word amount (past 750 words, which is 3 pages). You can also receive badges for behavioral methods, like writing for 3 days straight, 5 days, 10 days, etc. You can also participate in the One Month Challenge every month, where you write every day for a month and have your name on the website's Wall of Awesomeness if you succeed. It's not as social as you cant really Friend or Follow anyone on the website, but it's good if you want to manage your writing skills without distraction.

Penzu -  Another journaling website that's good is Penzu. I've been using this one on and off for about a year, and it has a little more resources available, unlike 750 Words. Penzu's journal entries have more to offer, like italicizing, bolding, strikethroughs, changing font colors, a lot like Microsoft Word. You can have more than one journal, but you have the option to pay monthly dues for Penzu PRO or Penzu PRO+. I only use Penzu Free, but the perks for journaling are somewhat similar to the others. Nonetheless, I really like the formatting of Penzu; it reminds me of using my notebooks back when I was a kid. 

Wattpad -  I mostly use Wattpad as a secondary tool to post my Fanfiction (yes, I still write Twilight fanfiction!) but as I browse the website for this post, I see that it's a good resource for gaining feedback for your stories. Whether it's fanfic or original works, it's good to see how people like or dislike your creativity. Users get to vote for their favorite chapters, stories, enter contests, and toss ideas back and forth. It's a nice platform for writers who are more established and just want to have more promotion on them. 

FictionPad -  The way I feel about Wattpad is the same as FictionPad. It can be used as a secondary tool for gaining feedback on fanfic and original stories. It's a little more stripped down than Wattpad, but it's still a good resource. 

Fanfiction.net -  Fanfiction was the first writing platform that I ever chose to write on. It was mostly due to the many Twilight fanfics I've read over the years; so many of my top favorite authors have evolved to publishing their own work. An they have FFN to thank! I haven't written on there for awhile, but I always come back to my favorite stories because it's what my writing "roots" are based on.

Which writing resources are your favorites? Comment below! 

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