TOP TEN TUESDAY #45: Favorite Character Names

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This week's topic:  Best Character Names

10. Natasha - The Sun is A Star -  I've always thought Natasha or Tasha was a pretty name. 

9. Patch - Hush,Hush -  Patch is a real name! Yup, like Patch from 101 Dalmatians. 

8. Bessina - Running in the Dark -  Bessina sounds like an older, southern name and I love it! 

7. Silence - Nocturnal Meetings of the Misplaced -  In my current read, Silence was named because her mother was kidnapped and Silence was the "bastard child" of her family. It was the only way she'd keep her mother's secret. Chilling...

6. Jasminda - Song of Blood and Stone -  Another lovely black name from my current reads. 

5. Starr - The Hate U Give -  What's interesting about Starr's name is that she has two versions of her name: Regular Starr and Williamson Starr. (or something like that!) Her regular self is how she is with her hometown friends and family, and Williamson self is when she's at her predominantly white private school. 

4. Isabelle - Mortal Instruments -  I'm a little salty that fans know Isabelle as Izzy and not her full name, because it's so pretty! 

3. Rosalie - Twilight Saga -  I have to include a Twilight name, you know! But Rosalie's name is a nice, older sophisticated name. 

2. Isabella (Bella) - Twilight Saga -  Another Twilight name! Isabella is a lot like Isabelle, but I think this version is more subdued and grounded than Isabelle. 

1. Basically anyone's name from Homegoing! -  When I say anyone, I mostly mean the African names from the timeline in the story. There’s so many beautiful, powerful, strong names that not only showcase their characters, but you get to see why and how they were named by their parents or guardians. 

Which character names are your favorites? Comment below!

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