An Unexpected #OWLCRATE Unboxing?! | SUMMER LOVIN' (June 2018)

Let me make a disclaimer saying that I did enjoy this month's Owlcrate theme: Summer Lovin'. I didn't expect to even get this box; I got it last minute, and that's only because I got an email for 20% off discount because Owlcrate missed me so much. This may be the first experience where I'm happier with the bookish items than the actual book. I don't know if the book is either a companion novel or a sequel, but as soon as I saw the cover, I was a bit surprised. Not because I didn't like the previous novel in the series, but I hadn't read it. Like at all. And reading some mixed to negative reviews on the first book made me apprehensive to read this new one. 

With that said, I hope the first book in the series is at least good for me to continue with the second one. If not, then I'll probably put it in a giveaway for a lucky, well-deserved fan to have.

 On a positive note, here are some items from this unboxing that I did enjoy!

Stella Bookish Art microfiber beach towel -  This small beach towel is so cute! I can't wait to take it with me on my beach day trip with my best friend Kim in August. And she's a huge book lover too, so I know we'll bond over it. 

Mason jar mug designed by Michelle Gray and Team Owlcrate -  I've been drinking out of this adorable mug for a few days, and I'm so happy I got my own bookish jar mug. It says Owlcrate Book Worm and Proud, est. 2014, with orange and yellow shades near the bottom of the mug. You can drink tea, coffee, iced coffee, juice, water, any type of beverage. I love it so much! 

Riddle's Tea Shoppe 'Apple Picking at Night' Summer Apple & Peach Tea -  I've already had two tea bags from this pouch, and it tastes so good! It's a good mix of apple and peach and fruit, and I love fruity drinks. 

Ink & Wonder Designs wooden bookmark -  Finally I get to have my first wooden bookmark from Ink & Wonder! I follow them on Instagram, and their bookmarks look so adorable and fun and I'm glad to have my own copy. Even if it came a little bent in the Owlcrate packaging, I'm still glad to have had my own for my books. 

Cactus Pen from BC Mini -  I'm SOOOO mad about this because I took this pen to work with me one day, and now it's GONE!! G O N E GONE!! I've looked all around the world for my pen, and I'm absolutely devastated that I lost it after one day of opening it. I asked Owlcrate if they could replace it for me, but they haven't answered me back yet. I hope it'll show up again, but I'm grateful for the one day I got to use this precious pen. 

[UPDATE: I got word from Owlcrate Support, and they plan on sending me a replacement pen. Yay!]

From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon (Owlcrate cover) -  Okay, here's the moment you've all been waiting for: the Owlcrate book reveal! Here's what my opening disclaimer had meant. I haven't read the first novel, When Dimple Met Rishi, and I've heard mixed to negative reviews, so I don't know if I'll read this book ASAP. I usually take reviews with a grain of salt, but since there's an Indian/Muslim representation, I don't want to spread a book of a WOC/POC rep if the rep isn't up to par. But at least the cover is pretty. Hopefully both books are good in my book, though. 

Did you order the Owlcrate 'Summer Lovin' box? Which items were your favorite? Comment below!

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